The Frog Sails Crew

started on September 26, 2011 with Sven Kraja as sailmaker and Gitta Steinhusen as office worker. In 2012, we got the first helpers to support us: our mini jobbers Lea, Tobi and Anna-Lena. Also several interns were able to get a taste of the sailmaking trade. Since May 2013 Diana Wagner is firmly in the team ..

Sven Kraja  – In the first life – so in childhood – I spent my time on the airfield gliding in the Sauerland. Therefore, I dealt very early with the topic of aerodynamics.

After a change of residence to the island Norderney I started with 14 sailing and windsurfing. On the well-known boatyard “Dübbel and Jesse” I completed a boat carpentry apprenticeship in yacht building. During the training I started to build surfboards and beach sails.

After the apprenticeship followed a one-year trip abroad. Back in Germany, I came up with an idea: I wanted to become a sailmaker, because back then there were no good sailmakers for my hobby, the beach sailing. Said – done, and I started another apprenticeship at Holmsegel in Schleswig.

I did not hesitate for long and started training in 1997 to design and sew my first own beach sailing sails. Crazy about aerodynamics, crafts and sailing, I learned to design the sails on the computer and make really good sails.

“Despite space technology, no sail gets better than its seamstresses and craftsmen make.” 

Tom Whitten

It did not stop at beach sailing: I had to try ice sailing because of Gitta, and on the water I started to sail X79. No matter what I sailed, regattas gave me the most pleasure. Thus, I was able to develop my knowledge in all areas. To make the whole thing around, there was another hobby: kiting.

I achieved my greatest success in 2012. In France, I was able to win the 1st world title in beach sailing to Germany. I won in the class of mini yachts.


On September 26th, 2011 I started my own business with FROG-Sails. At Renz-Yachting at the Wikingturm, I got a lot of fun with my sailmaker.

Gitta Steinhusen – My partner, is the ruler of the paperwork. She grew up on the sailboat on the Schlei and the Baltic Sea. At 19, she bought her first own sailboat. In 1991 she decided on an X 79 – her “Frau Krause”. At the beginning of the 90s she came to the ice sailing and Sven also awoke interest in beach sailing.

Gitta was in 2013 in St-Peter Ording European champion in beach sailing – also in the class of mini-yacht.

Diana Wagner – She has a boatbuilding apprenticeship behind her. Diana completed her apprenticeship with flying colors and as a state champion in Hamburg. After half a year of practical experience in a Schleswiger shipyard I was able to persuade her to also gain experience in sailmaker craft. With Diana there was another water sport in our team: rowing.

Why the name Frog Sails?

After I had decided to set up my own sailing business, I saw two sails of 14footern in the old sailmaker. One was from Alligator Sails and another from Butterfly Sails . That’s when I came up with the idea of ​​taking an “animal” name. The name FROG SAIL was born.

 Logo Frog Sails

The symbols in the logo were also invented very quickly. The 4 elements: We changed fire into ice  for ice sailing, earth for beach sailing, water for yacht sailing and air for kiting and airplanes.