“Don’t go, there isn’t”

New ideas and tasks appeal to us. Designing new products, making them different, more beautiful or faster, is the DNA of FROG-Sails.

We always have a great desire to implement your ideas and ideas. Put us to the test.

We look forward to your call or mail.

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The replacement for the in-sales lid and Schott for the Varianta 18

Poppi comes with assembly instructions and accessories such as Velcro, Tenax.

The lid and the plug-in bulkhead can be used without dismantling Poppi. This way, the Varianta remains lockable.

The zips are covered. In the plug-in bulkhead area there is a window, which can also be darkened.

The delivery time can be 1-5 weeks from order receipt, as we do not have Poppi in stock and always build 8-10 pieces in pieces.

Persenninge & Sun sails

Manufacture of tree persenningen and lazy bags, reel straps, mast bags, persenninge for beach sailors on request.

Simple sun sails for boats or at home, other tensions according to predetermined dimensions, we manufacture from desired materials. Of course, the focus here is also on advice and, if necessary, we also measure it.

Stone Island | Shop equipment

We are particularly proud that the international fashion company Stone Island has chosen us as a partner. After minor productions at the beginning, we are now an integral part of the furnishing of the shops and boutiques, are integrated into the design of the shop structure. 

We have worked with designers to develop and invent special solutions and articles that have not yet existed. Stone Island is a brand with a very high standard, which must be reflected in the stores. The cloth structure with curved surfaces, 3D body and optics is a major challenge here. In the following Stone Island shops you will find our ideas and single-made products from Schleswig: Cannes, Saint-Tropez, Antwerp, Milan, Amsterdam, Seoul, Tokyo, Sylt, Turin, Rome, London, Hamburg, Munich, Florence. The last delivery was just shipped across the large pond to New York.



We have further developed the model beach glider BAT1.

The sails are now sold worldwide.

We are also happy to produce sailing kits for your model sailboats.

Kayak sails

We devised the sail and developed it from prototype to series production.

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