Individual Yacht Sails

Made-to-measure work rather than mass-produced goods: At FROG-Sails, the sails do not come off the peg but are custom-made items tailored to their yacht. We come to you on board, measure the sails there. Only then can we guarantee the perfect position of the sail later. Together we discuss your wishes and suggestions, advise you on materials, plan your new sail. 

Canvas, Coatings, Laminates and Fibers 

You are also welcome to visit us in our sailmaking shop in Schleswig, choose from up to 300 different sailcloths, choose between fabrics and fabrics (ie fiber or laminate), feel the materials, feel the properties. You have the choice. To the color of the yarn. You can watch how & nbsp; Your new sail on the computer is created, as a first three-dimensional image from data, how the plotter draws the calculated cuts on the cloth, how a roll of meter goods finally becomes a profiled sail. We only use canvas from the three best known manufacturers: Dimension Polyant, Contender and Bainbridge.

Manual Sail cutting

After the plotter has drawn the calculated paths with millimeter precision on the cloth, the actual craft begins. We cut each one individually – by hand with scissors and roller blade. We consciously do without external cutting service. Everything stays in our hands. And above all, just as we want it. The reinforcements are gradually applied to the webs. We also manufacture these individually. The individual cloth webs are fixed with adhesive tapes to ensure optimum profiling of the sail. Then the sewing is done on our high quality sewing machines. Custom-made, optimized for the high demands of a sailmaker.

Sewing Threads and Accessories

Sewing threads are selected according to the specific requirements of your sail and its area of ​​use (UV stability, tear resistance, longevity, etc.).

All accessories such as rings, thimbles, slides, slats we order exclusively from reputable manufacturers. As well as the sailing battens made of high quality epoxy / vinylester.

So what makes a FROGSAIL sail?

  • We use only high quality materials
  • The production of custom-made products requires individual customer service
  • Only high quality accessories are used in our products
  • Our products are 100% manufactured in-house