Class 2 & 3

In the beach sailor classes 2 and 3 Frog Sails has three different sailcloths to choose from:


Dacron is the classic canvas, a polyester fabric. We use this material in different cuts, weights and coatings. Here there is also the subcategory Hydranet, in which a Spectrafaden is incorporated in the cloth.


Mylar films

These films are made of 0°/90 ° aligned fibers. The fiber materials are polyester, pentex, kevlar and carbon in various qualities. The thickness of the film also varies. Depending on the orientation of the cloth, a variety of cuts are possible here.



In the case of membrane cloths, we even influence the elongation behaviour by selecting the number of fibres and the material individually. Here, the canvas is individually glued according to our design. Where large loads occur, many fibers are applied in the direction of the train. The profiling is placed under the slatted pockets. Visually, there are now also a variety of possibilities to design the sail the way you want it. Number of fibers, fiber color, fiber materials, transparent or opaque.

This is the best and most technically produced sailing material at the moment. On the beach, this technology is currently only offered by FROG-Sails. In yachting, this material has been used very successfully by FROG-Sails for years.

Sail slat sets and also special profiling are taken into account in the sail cutting, as these are CNC-milled according to my bending curves in France.

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