Class 5 beach sailors on the beach of Norderney

Class 5

Beach sailor CLASS 5

I grew up in class 5. The special thing about this type of sail is that we use two different cloths at FROG-Sails. In the front area a slightly lighter, clearer, in the rear area the tried and tested colored Mylar. The mast pocket consists of two separate parts corresponding to the pre-lie curve, which means that the sail is almost wrinkle-free when clamped. It has a headboard for adjusting the twist behavior. A small loop on the top of the mast bag ensures the perfect fit. The slats are of course made of milled vinyl ester. Here, too, slatted pockets, anointing strips, dots in the achterliek and short reinforcement strips in the Vorliek can be colour-coded as desired.

The original Class 5 sail also fits perfectly on the mini yacht. It is characterized by its special design and therefore has a larger application range than a normal 5.5m2 sail from the miniyacht category.


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